Recently, members of the MYPOL team travelled to Pathein to host a consultation discussion with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the Ayeyarwady Region. Representatives of 28 CSOs attended and the discussion focused on issues between CSOs and the police.

A range of issues were discussed and many CSOs expressed their interest in being more involved with the MYPOL project.

One woman explained that many local CSOs are working to build bridges between the police and the community. She expressed that MYPOL’s work training the police may be a good start and that, with this first consultation, the ways in which MYPOL can work with CSOs has become clear.

Another participant echoed these sentiments after explaining that, when it comes to police, most people in the Ayeyarwady Region – namely fishers and farmers – want reassurance that the rule of law will be upheld. If MYPOL can create connections between police and communities, he said, then trust building between the police and the people can begin.

As part of its overall commitment to helping the MPF become a modern police service, MYPOL is committed to building more links between the MPF and CSOs. This was the third CSO consultation MYPOL has organised. Earlier consultations were held in Yangon and Mandalay. In total, nearly 90 representatives from CSOs have been consulted.