In June, 150 police took part in MYPOL’s crowd management instructional course. The sounds of their training could be heard throughout the grounds of the Kyauk Tan police facility for four weeks, but the police weren’t the only ones there to learn. A small school building also sits on the grounds of the station and, in it, 18 children attend lessons each day.

Most of the students are the children of MPF police officers stationed at Kyauk Tan, but some are from the nearby area. From the windows of their school, they watched as men like their fathers were instructed by MYPOL’s international trainers and learned new skills. Then, on the last week of training, it was their turn to meet MYPOL.

MYPOL Key Expert for Crowd Management, Julio Bueno, along with MYPOL’s international trainers and language assistants visited their classroom to say hello to the children and give them school supplies.

The children were surprised at the sight of so many foreign-looking police stepping inside their school, but soon warmed to them. One boy wrestled with a trainer, while a young girl proudly put on a MYPOL hat and they all held tight to their new bags with supplies.

The visit was part of MYPOL’s efforts to show support for the officers taking part in the project’s trainings and, in a small way, help the children understand the partnership between the police and MYPOL. After all, some of them may be the next generation of Myanmar’s police.