MYPOL is working with the Myanmar Police Force (MPF) to provide guidance and support to encourage a safe and secure democratic process for the upcoming elections.  

To assist MPF as it trained an estimated 45,000 special police for the elections, MYPOL developed the Election Guidance Booklet for Coaches and Trainers to optimise the trainings for these additional personnel. The guide helped special police trainees become fully aware of their role and responsibilities, with particular focus on securing polling stations, protecting fundamental freedoms and human rights, respecting the role of the media and providing safety to all voters, candidates, observers and polling station staff.

The guide also underscored the value of remaining neutral and impartial while carrying out policing duties, the importance of not using force except when proportionate, necessary and lawful, and respecting the role and authority of polling staff. There was specific advice on how police can be proactive by diffusing tensions before a situation becomes a problem. There was also information on the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and an online video tutorial available to police throughout Myanmar.

MYPOL also provided classroom equipment and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to Yangon police to help ensure effective and safe trainings. The classroom equipment – ranging from flipcharts to notebooks and pens – will allow a high standard learning environment for trainees and PPE will help protect both trainers and trainees from spreading COVID-19.

As an EU-funded project, MYPOL supports fair, credible, inclusive and transparent elections in Myanmar. An effective and trusted police service is a key part of the country’s democratic transition. The November elections represented an opportunity for the MPF to showcase its efforts to modernise and operate according to international policing standards. MYPOL will continue to support the MPF in these efforts.