Every country, including Myanmar, faces traffic management issues every day. To address this, Myanmar is taking part in the worldwide UN road safety initiative to reduce fatal traffic accidents. One of the initiative’s goals is to improve traffic safety through education and traffic safety initiatives.

Managing traffic is more than just signalling to cars in a busy intersection; road safety and traffic management curricula, strategies and policies are a major part of the process. In order to meet these challenges to effectively implementing these approaches, the MPF have partnered with MYPOL to improve their approach.

MYPOL invited international a German State Police trainer to Myanmar for two weeks to conduct a thorough traffic control course. He worked with various MPF officers to examine all aspects of traffic control management. In addition, he looked at the minimum standards for front-line MPF traffic officers and will share his findings with the MPF traffic training unit in order to help them address the demands of being a traffic police officer.

During the course, the trainer also shared his experiences and knowledge on international standard practices, traffic challenges and solutions, and what tools can be used to improve traffic safety (such as direction signboards, announcing issues via radio, etc). Trainees also had the opportunity to discuss their own experiences.

The training was held in Yangon and was conducted from the 12th to the 29th of March. The 20 trainees came from stations around Yangon and included 14 male officers and 6 female officers.