During COVID-19, police are still carrying out their daily tasks, which sometimes include making arrests. At times, these duties make it impossible to maintain proper social distancing. MYPOL’s Crowd Management component recognised the difficulties behind this and set out to help inform police how to continue their work, but still help prevent the spread of the virus.   

In June, MYPOL Key Expert for Crowd Management, Julio Bueno, delivered leaflets to the MPF to provide guidance on how to effectively arrest suspects safety during the pandemic. The leaflet guides police through best practices when making an arrest and ensuring individuals’ well-being – all while being careful to take the correct precautions against the spread of COVID-19.

The leaflets were delivered to both the Maritime and Aviation police, as well as police at Yangon’s Police Security Command 2. The leaflets were well received and helped showcase MYPOL’s ongoing support to the MPF during the pandemic.