MYPOL works to ensure that its impact is sustained long after the project has ended. An important part of this is helping the Myanmar Police Force (MPF) transform how it trains its officers to meet the needs of modern policing.

During the past several months, MYPOL has worked with the MPF to refurbish and equip three different training sites for MPF officers. These sites – the PSC2 Training facility in Yangon, the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) facility in Yangon and the Police Officer Training Institute Zee Pin Gyi near Mandalay – will now have standardised classrooms that meet modern principles and practices criteria for high quality adult learning. MPF officers trained there will have access to excellent facilities, along with up-to-date learning equipment like projectors, white boards, and easy to move furniture to create different learning environments.

This will allow officers to experience more than just classroom lectures. At the CID facility, a mock up jewellery store and a mock up apartment have been set up to help officers learn the necessary investigation skills for different environments. The Zee Pin Gyi facility also has a standardised classroom, a mock apartment, along with outside mock houses and a mock motor vehicle accident scene.

Theses improved adult learning training facilities were developed with the aim of preparing officers for the realities of policing. Simulations in the mock training rooms will give officers experience in what a situation is really like. This method of teaching is complimented with instructional handbooks and guidelines on upholding human rights and promoting women peace and security. For example, officers will use these classrooms to learn simulated interrogation techniques as well as learning to work with vulnerable groups subjected to crimes like domestic violence.

Each of the three facilities will also have a physical library and a shared digital library with knowledge products developed by MYPOL in English, Myanmar, and ethnic languages in order to promote a diverse approach to learning.

The MPF’s then-Head of Training, Brigadier General Aung Aung, expressed how these new facilities will immensely increase the quality of training and better prepare the MPF to carry out their duties as police. The Ministry of Home Affairs also expressed their gratitude and satisfaction with the refurbishment.

Refurbishing these facilities will help the MPF increase its overall capacity and ability to respond to the current COVID-19 crisis. The refurbishment is all part of MYPOL’s overall commitment to sustainability and ensuring that the MPF can continue its progress long after the MYPOL project has finished.