The EU funded project ‘Support to the Reform of the Myanmar Police’ (MPF) started in 2016 following a direct request by the Government and the State Counsellor. The civilian Government’s motivation for the request was the understanding that a police force which operates in line with best international practices and the highest standards in respecting human rights is considered an important essential element of democratic transition, and is especially relevant in Myanmar.

In this regard, the EU support included capacity building and training in accordance to internationally recognised best practices and standards. It did not provide any equipment for armed policing. Moreover the project also worked directly with parliament, CSO/media and local communities in order to establish a better trust between the people and the MPF. All this was for the benefit of the people of Myanmar and praised by the civilian government. MPF officers trained by MYPOL have largely reported a change in attitude, focusing on serving the public. A well trained police operating in line with international standards and best practices for the respect of human rights is an essential component of the implementation of the rule of law

In light of the interruption of the democratic transition as a result of the military take-over of government control on February 1st, 2021, the EU considers that the conditions are no longer in place for the project to operate and achieve the desired results. The project has therefore been put on hold.