On 8 May, members of the MYPOL team attended the European Union Day event in Nay Pyi Taw to celebrate the 68th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration. The event was hosted by EU Ambassador Kristian Schmidt and featured pictures and information on several EU-funded projects in Myanmar.

A photo featuring MPF Second Lieutenant Chaw Su Hlaing attending MYPOL’s cyber security instructional course was chosen to represent the MYPOL project. Accompanying the photo as a summary of the project and additional information about the cyber security course.

The evening featured speeches from both EU Ambassador Schmidt and Minister for the Office of the Union Government U Thaung Tun. The Minister made sure to mention MYPOL specifically during his remarks. He called the cooperation between the EU and the MPF a success story that has already yielded tangible results. He went on to note the number of officers trained in crowd management and community policing. “As a result,” U Thaung Tun said, “trust and confidence of communities in the police force has grown appreciably.”