On Friday, 8 June, the Ambassador of the European Union to Myanmar, Mr. Kristian Schmidt, visited MYPOL’s instructional course on crowd management.

Ambassador Schmidt was welcomed by MYPOL’s Team Leader Ricardo Carrasco, Deputy Team Leader Azucena Martinez and Key Expert for Crowd Management Julio Bueno. The ambassador then toured the facilities, met with MYPOL international trainers, watched a crowd management exercise and spoke with members of the Myanmar Police Force.

Throughout his visit, Ambassador Schmidt reaffirmed the European Union’s commitment to helping the MPF become a police service that adheres to international best practices, respects human rights and is trusted by the different communities of Myanmar.

The morning of his visit, police trainees took part in an exercise that included different aspects from each part of the training.

After the exercise, the ambassador spoke with several of the trainees about their experiences throughout the course, how they were selected to take part, if it was hard to be away from home for a month and if they had any suggestions to improve the course. He also spoke with police officers previously trained by MYPOL who now help instruct their fellow police.

MYPOL’s four-week crowd management course covered a range of topics related to policing crowds in ways that respect the dignity and rights of the people of Myanmar. Members of the MPF were instructed on tactical casualty care, self-defence, and different approaches for big and small crowd management units. The course aims to build the MPF’s capacity to respond to crowds effectively and respectfully and is part of MYPOL’s overall mission to help the MPF develop a more preventive, service-orientated, balanced and professional approach to policing.