On Saturday, March 16, MYPOL hosted a workshop for Civil Society Organisations from the Nay Pyi Taw area. The goal of the workshop was to learn more about CSOs’ view on police service delivery and governance, and discuss how the two work together and affect one another.

The participants discussed a variety of topics, including Security Sector Governance and Reform, comparing the experiences of other countries in these areas, and how CSOs can contribute. Many are already working in these areas, but were curious to hear more about how MYPOL can help and what new approaches they can take.

Eight different CSOs attended the workshop, with a total of 31 representatives – mostly women – as well participants from government. Throughout the day, there were presentations from international and local Myanmar experts, small group exercises, and several in-depth discussions among the participants and the experts.

In the future, MYPOL hopes to work more with these and other CSOs in order to ensure that the project’s work is inclusive and can benefit all of Myanmar’s many different communities.