Myanmar Delegation to the FIIAPP during its visit to Madrid.

Myanmar Delegation to the FIIAPP during its visit to Madrid.

The progress of the project MYPOL for “Support for the reform of the Police Force in Myanmar” has been clear following the visit of a Delegation from the Asian country to Madrid, headed by the President of the Yangon Region, U Phyo Min Thein.

The project, managed by the FIIAPP and funded by the European Union, aims to contribute to a more preventive, balanced and professional approach by the law and order forces of Myanmar, based on international best practices and respect for human rights.

Launched in December 2016, it has a budget of €30 million over five years, and is run with experts from the Spanish National Police Force, and four partners (GIZ, DCAF, NI-CO and Civi.pol Conseil).

The visit not only provided a new opportunity to generate cooperation ties between peers and identify potential interest for both countries, but also to expose the active role that the FIIAPP is taking in the South-east Asian country, through this delegated cooperation project.

The President of the Yangon region, accompanied by the Minister of Electricity, Industry, Transport and Communication, Daw Nilar Kyaw, attended a number of institutional meetings with public entities, such as the ICEX, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs or the Sub-Directorate General of International Police Cooperation of the Ministry of the Interior, among others.

The appointment led to the strengthening of relations with the Burmese and working in a coordinated way with the political and police authorities to improve the institutional capacity of the Myanmar Police Force, modernising its management and training procedures, to support changes in the security forces and by promoting a service geared towards citizens.