About Us

  • Project duration

    December 2016 – December 2021

  • Budget

    30 Million Euros

  • Donor
  • Location

    Project Offices: Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw

    Scope of Action: The Republic of the Union of Myanmar

  • Implementing Organizations

    Leader: FIIAPP

    Members of the Consortium: DCAF, GIZ, NI-CO and Civipol.

    Collaborator: Spanish National Police. Ministry of the Interior

  • Key Stakeholders

    • Myanmar Police Force (MPF)
    • Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA)
    • Parliament
    • Attorney General’s Office
    • Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)
    • Media

MYPOL supports the modernisation of the Myanmar Police Force

The project aims to support a more effective, efficient and accountable police service. Our goal is to assist the MPF in becoming a modern police service that adheres to international best practices, respects human rights and maintains gender awareness. We contribute to a modern service-oriented approach by providing instruction in areas of community policing, crowd management, crime investigation and human resource management.

People are the key to a modern police agency

MYPOL believes people are at the heart of making a modern police service. We support bringing the people of Myanmar into this process by improving public outreach and strengthening the links between law enforcement, media and civil society groups. We also work directly with the Myanmar Parliament to review police-related laws.


Based on comprehensive capacity building, the project is expect to contribute to a more service-orientated police with attention to human rights standards and gender awareness in three main areas: Criminal investigation, Community policing and Crowd management.


To make the police reform more sustainable, the project puts also emphasis on supporting the reform of the police doctrine and the legal framework, through promoting public accountability of the Myanmar Police Force and outreach to civil society and media.


In this sense, the project explicitly provides capacity building directed to the Myanmar Parliament as well as to representatives of Myanmar civil society and the media, to enable them to oversee and hold the Myanmar Police Force accountable.